David Altheide/ASU doesn't understand or lies about immigration

David Altheide - Regents' Professor in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University (public.asu.edu/~atdla) - offers a guest editorial in the Arizona Republic called "Politics of fear driving debate on immigration". He either doesn't understand the issue or is lying to his readers; as proof, consider this:

Immigration is a good topic to promote fear of "others" because the targeted group lacks political power and, tends to be people of color, poor, predominantly males, who may not speak English very well.

The idea that illegal aliens as a group lack political power is extraordinarily ludicrous. Nearly every member of our elites is a supporter of illegal immigration and - like Altheide - is always ready to rush to their defense, in his case by smearing those who oppose illegal activity as spreaders of "fear". While individual illegal aliens may have little political power, those who lend them political power as a group include president Bush, most Senators, many House members, many local officials, the Mexican government, major banks and businesses, non-profit groups, religious leaders, the media, and so forth, even including college professors. Perhaps Altheide should have thought this through in a bit more depth.


'the next target, the next "other" for state exclusion.' So any legal limit we place on immigration isn't a morally acceptable policy, but a target on 'the other' for (gasp) 'state exclusion'. Man, that sounds ominous. As opposed to the wonderful feeling (for these people) but totally impractical 'opening the floodgates'. We can't let everyone in--that's not demonizing those we don't. 'a "way of life" is in jeopardy.' That's not just some panic attack, mister. As if all the people leaving, e.g., L.A. & Orange County (there's net domestic OUT-migration from both) didn't think long and hard about it. 'The discourse of law trumps social justice.' He's implying that we, as a society, owe all foreign nationals the same piece of the pie we do our own citizens. That having limited immigration is inherently unjust. I dispute both sentiments. Not only does 'social justice' not require open borders it becomes infinitely more difficult to achieve for our downtrodden WITH open borders. Ask a black citizen displaced from his job what he thinks of the 'social justice' of open borders. See what he thinks of a comparison of illegal immigration to the civil rights movement. 'decades of social conventions and civility are negated with clichés by God-fearing people about "enforcing the law," You mean the 'social convention' of corruption? Just be polite and not say anything about that, huh? Rule of law isn't a 'cliche', it's the basis of our system of government and what makes us better than societies which condone corruption.

The title is all you need to see in order to know that it is not worth reading.

pseudoadhominem in nc If your blogger id is an intentional play on "pseudonymous in nc", the notorious loony left David Niewert acolyte and Open Border advocating, racebaiting ANSWER troll, it is pretty funny. LOL

Apparently the professor is a fifth rate Noam Chomsky wannabe. That a obscure local professor gets the priveledge of writing a staunchly pro open borders editorial full of long debunked cliches does not say much for the Arizona Republic. There are any number of labor market economists and statisticians (Borjas, Hira, Matloff,Paul Craig Roberts, both liberal and conservative, whose peer reviewed work can shed significant light on the negative impact unrestrained open borders policies are having on labor markets. It is pathetic that the Arizona Republic prints this crap.

Does this guy have tenure?

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Here's what the professor meant to say: Nativism, xenophobia, and racism are good topics to promote fear of "others" because the targeted group lacks political power and, tends to be people with little education, poor, predominantly rednecks, who may not speak English very well.