John McCain supporters include George Bush and three border state governors

John McCain has picked up key endorsements from three current and one former border state governors. First up:

President Bush plans to give an implicit endorsement of onetime rival John McCain's conservative bona fides tomorrow [at CPAC] as the Arizona senator seeks to consolidate the party behind his candidacy... Bush does not mention McCain by name, but the clear signal of his words to this particular audience is that the senator is a faithful conservative despite their doubts and it is time to put aside internal disagreements and rally behind the apparent nominee to be...

And, in addition to Texas' Rick Perry (link) and California's Arnold Schwarzenegger (link), another current border state governor has now endorsed his campaign:

Eduardo Bours, the governor of the state of Sonora, Mexico, said he supports Republican senator John McCain for the presidency of the United States. "I believe that it will always be positive, there is no way that someone can understand the immigration issue, the issue of border security, such as someone from the border can." "McCain understands it, the most interesting immigration proposal in the Congress of the United States is McCain's proposal, he is the one who has advanced these proposals the most."


The conservative Republicans are absolutely worthless, they don't even have the spine to elect Ron Paul over Hillary, Obama & McCain, they have no excuses, they deserve McCain.

Don't blame conservative republicans...Their party has been hijacked by Neocons whose only desire is the North American Union. I don't know how they did it but I am convinced the fix was in to make McCain the nominee...regrdless of how hated he is by conservatives. I know I will NEVER vote for him...I will stay home first.