I will not let Americans be as ignorant of Canada as Britons are of their own history

I find it shocking that, at least according to an AFP account of some study, 1 in 4 English think Winston Churchill was a myth and a majority think Sherlock Holmes was real (link).

In order to avoid the same thing happening here in the U.S., I'll soon begin uploading videos designed to help we Americans know more about topics such as geography and history, and, since they're our neighbors, I intend to start with a series about Canada.

I don't know how long the first series will take me, but I hope to have it finished before the Summer Thaw. While some plucky tourists are willing to brave the 20 hours of travel currently required to reach icebound cities like Toronto, many more will wait until June when the passage should only take 7 or 8 hours. In the video, I'll highlight "Canadian National Treasures" such as Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrissette, and William Shatner, as well as political leaders such as Kim Campbell. Many regard him as Canada's best Prime Minister ever. I'll also be featuring this map of our friends in the "snowy north":

canadian north america mapImages of Canada/Images du Canada
(counterclockwise, left to right: Canadian National Songbird Avril Lavigne, Honorary Canadian National Poet Alanis Morrissette, William Shatner, traditional Canadian peasent costume, man holding third most popular pet in Canada, and the flags of Canada and Quebec)
canadian images


You left out the McKenzie brothers? No way, eh! [1]

[1] mckenzie brothers

The region labelled "Eastern Canada" is actually Greenland, a Danish possession.

There will always be an England? Maybe not. Talk about liberal white guilt and multiculturalism run-amok.

sad real sad, but normal in a nation that is dead just like the USA, One of my Grandfathers brother was in the canadian Army from 1915-1917 he was a real American and was in our Army from 1917-1919, he loved canada and loved the USA, All and of his son's serviced in world war two just like my old Grandfather. the sad fact is people have no ideals of what this world is about but the global pigs do, and the pigs want really stupid people for control reasons, what is the point of a nation if you make people into fools? and that is the plan, to fool the mass population and make all into enslaved people. Winston Churchill was real and only 65 years ago he and a handfull of great guys stood against total evil and total madness and now that madness is at your door,and like in old Germany who at one point in world history was a great Nation of Enlighten people and became a mad-house of evil doers and you will soon understand why, ask why. Don't become the new jew, but i think most of you will and walk into the ovens saying thank you sir. Buy Guns make cells for freedom and fight back like real Americans the system wants you removed.