Dov Charney/American Apparel: wrong about immigration

Dov Charney of the L.A.-based American Apparel is running pro-illegal immigration ads that are almost certianly a publicity stunt. This post gives the campaign a little help in that direction, but hopefully some in his target market will read this and decide to get clothing from some other company, whether based on his past history (see the links above) or on the current ads.

The ad can be seen here; it features two Guatemalans together with a few paragraphs of text. The latter includes a quote from our own beloved illegal immigration supporter, president Bush. The rest of the copy says that "no serious political voice calls to send them back to their previous countries"; that's a true statement as long as you ignore the plans of at least three Republican presidential contenders, dozens of House members, and, of course, our own laws. It also complains about an "apartheid" system; the only way such a comparison would be valid is if current illegal aliens were citizens or had been brought here involuntarily. Neither of those are the case. The ad also conflates all forms of immigration together. Hopefully his customers aren't as stupid as Charney appears to think.