Did Latinos vote for pro-amnesty candidates in Nevada?

Here's a chart showing the differences between the entrance poll percentages for the Republican candidates in the Nevada caucus for whites and Latinos (link) vs. the percentage of the vote they received with 95% of reports in (link).

Each number is the entrace poll percentage minus the near-final result. Those who can be described as "pro-amnesty" are bolded: McCain and Giuliani.

On the one hand, McCain and Giuliani did better among Latinos than whites; on the other, Duncan Hunter - someone associated with not just immigration issues but also military issues - did better. Romney, Paul, and Thompson did worse for an unknown reason. Huckabee did slightly better. If there were a large pro-amnesty vote one might expect McCain to walk away with it and for Huckabee to do worse; despite being horrible on immigration in the past he recently signed on to NumbersUSA pledge.

Spin away!

ย  Romney McCain Huckabee Paul Giuliani Hunter Thompson
Whites 0 0 -1 1 0 -1 0
Latinos -11 11 2 -6 4 5 -6


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