Barack Obama's extremist church? (Trinity United Church of Christ)

Does Barack Obama belong to an anti-white, far-left church? Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ certainly appears to have made some interesting statements (link, link, link). The last includes excerpts from Obama's book. The candidate to a certain extent responds here, for instance saying that the "Black Values System" of the church "Must Be Understood as a Whole". He also lets us know that his middle name is not Mohammed (thanks, MediaMatters!) In fact, it's Hussein.

Needless to say, if he were a Republican or he were white, there would be many more MSM articles on this issue than the NYT's from last April.


Obama's Farrakhan Test

can we say Racism, evil works, can we say he is a muslim using this so called church of christ? Look boys all part of the plan of total evil inside this once great nation, this little black ass is just one more pig; just look at your own congress most are not Americans most have a place go run to when this nation comes-apart and total econmic collapse comes into your own home into your own family and hell people just look at what bush did today, just stop and buy guns. understand one fact when the system starts to do you, you may not like what will happen to all of you inside a third world one world global idea. by the way Osama Barack obama is just following orders from hill and bill. Here is a link to a minister and congregation member clarifying the history and beliefs of United Church of Christ.