Fabian Nunez has healthcare activists arrested at California Capitol?

I haven't researched this, but Jamie Court of the "Foundation For Taxpayer and Consumer Rights" (and founder of an anti-Arnold Schwarzenegger site) says:
Even I was shocked to hear that California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez directed the California Highway Patrol to prevent our consumer group and an uninsured Massachusetts teacher from speaking out inside the Capitol against mandatory health insurance. The Capitol's famous rotunda is routinely used for press conferences by lobbyists and politicians...

Though they complied with the California Highway Patrol's order to leave the building, my colleagues Jerry Flanagan and Carmen Balber were later informed they are being written up for misdemeanors. They were also told our consumer group would not be able to speak to the press in the rotunda in the future. Nunez and the CHP will be hearing from our lawyers soon...
UPDATE: Nunez spokesman Steven Maviglio - or at least someone using his name - posts in comments an alternative view of the incident. This doesn't appear to have been covered by the MSM, and no video is provided by Jamie Court.


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This actually never happened; it's a fundraising stunt by the Foundation. No one was arrested. No one was detained. The Foundation wanted to hold a press conference (complete with audio, 4 speakers, and charts) in the middle of the Capitol rotunda without the permit required by the California Highway Patrol. The CHP simply told them no, and they held their dog and pony show 25 feet away on the Capitol steps.

Steven Maviglio, have you seen this video of your boss? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgbCB8QlQWw Why would you want to work for someone like that?

So they held a "dog and pony show"; isn't that a derogatory term? As someone who is paid by taxpayers (for whatever the hell it is that you do), do you think it is entirely proper to denigrate them and what they had to say in this way? Oh my [1] -- I'm hoping that this horrendous deficit in the internet will be remedied soon.

[1] webpages.csus.edu/~maviglio/

No permit, no ticket. No ride. Not honorable to lie. Not good. Who pays for this stunt. YOU do.