Mexico worried that "migrants" not receiving public services (in the U.S., of course)

As Felipe Calderon and other Mexican government officials have done recently, Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa Cantellano spoke out today in defense of "migrants" (i.e., illegal aliens that Mexico has more or less sent us) and threatened to ramp up the pressure for an amnesty.

Bearing strongly in mind that she said this first in Spanish, and then it was filtered by the Washington Post and their reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia, this is still an interesting thing to read:

Mexican officials have said they are concerned that migrants are being treated unfairly in workplaces and, in some cases, being denied public services. The presidential campaign has frequently inflamed tensions on issues related to immigration.

It would be great to learn which public services they have in mind; while illegal aliens are eligible for various services, the fact that their government would highlight that helps show that our generous program of services factors into that government's calculations.

She also said:

"Being effective in the defense and support of the migrants implies treating them the same way whether they are in Mexico or outside of the country... Given the adverse climate that prevails for the Mexican community in the United States, aggravated by the electoral debate in that country, we also have to give particular attention to the problems confronted by our migrants..."

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Hi, I have come to know of an employer (without an authorization to own a business) who not only pays lower than federal legal wages to illegal immigrants, but exploits their condition to fire them in leaner times, holds back their salaries, and worse still has NO Medical Insurance for his workers. As a result when one of them was hit in the warehouse, she was immediately removed from the scene, and ever since nobody knows about her. How can I make sure that this demon of an employer is made to pay the dues to his employees? His details: Name: [...] Enterprise name and address: 1) [...] Harrison, New Jersey 07029 2) [...] Secaucus, NJ 07094-2708 3) A third facility in New Brunswick Could someone please let me know at arbitfun @ as to where and how can I have the workers report his illegal activities.

(Admin note: the company's details were replaced with "[...]" since that hasn't been verified)