Barack Obama knuckles under to demands of illegal immigration lobby (IIIC, "illegal aliens" term)

At the end of the article about the Iowa Interfaith Immigration Coalition there's this:

Following the news conference, held at the First Christian Church near Drake University in Des Moines, teams visited the offices of Democratic and Republican candidates, delivering copies of the petition... Most of the Democratic contenders were engaged in a debate sponsored by National Public Radio. One group, however, was able to visit with Sen. Barack Obama and members of his campaign staff. During that conversation, representatives of the Obama campaign pledged to stop using the term "illegal aliens" and to examine their literature and remove offensive language.

"Illegal alien" is the correct legal term and the alternatives such as "undocumented worker" are Orwellian doublespeak. And, needless to say, expunging "offensive language" is Orwellian as well. If he'd knuckle under to faux humanitarians who are trying to hide their support for illegal activity behind euphemisms and a selective reading of the Bible, how would he stand up to even tinpot tyrants from other countries?


I insist he drop the illegal alien euphemism and call them invaders.

Tanstsffl is right we are under attack inside this non Nation with millions of enemies of freedom who came here as invsders from places that hate the ideals of freedom, our own so called leaders hate the ideals of freedom and duty to a nation of laws, soon the system will become a mad house of evil doers but most of the young who are not of the third world monkey people will not have any idea of what is happening to that person, just look at barack obama who is nothing but a real enemy of the ideals of justice, he is a forign pig who found away to get inside the system and help his friends make holocaust here and what do people do, ask this little rat question of how soon can you take control of this nation. this pig Obama is your enemy in all things he hates you he wants his evil ideals to rule you and what do you say to him?..Nothing but how can i help you. Buy Guns.

by the way the tinpot tyrants are running this so called government, Osama Obama is just helping in the dismantling of freedom here, the political orwellian doublespeak is just normal inside a dead system of non government.

Criminaliens is the correct term. Obama is a member of the win at any cost club. No principles, no integrity, no nothin'.

They used to try to push the euphemism, "undocumented immigrant." That is like saying that a burgler is an "undocumented occupant" of your home -- in that he didn't have the deed to the property that he had invaded. Orwellian newspeak is the appropriate analogy.