Citgo uses ethnic solidarity to sell gasoline

Via this we learn that Venezuala's Citgo Petroleum has been/is running TV ads - apparently since last year - that encourage U.S. Latinos to buy their gasoline out of ethnic solidarity. An ad is here. It starts with someone playing "Take me out to the ballgame", when he receives hand signals from someone else and then launches into a salsa number. That bring the previously bored crowd - all of the same ethnicity - alive and they begin to dance as "Energia Latina" flashes on the scoreboard.

While marketing campaigns sometimes miss the mark or try to push the envelope rather than follow a trend, I'm going to guess that they know their market and know that many would heed the call. So, mark this down as yet another small illustration of the current assimilation problem.


You mean race Solidarity, before the third world war murders billions of people the race war will start here with 50 million dead and that is justice for all? this is what happens when you allow the great monkey to run a Nation..if you know what i mean? stop the race war vote for Ron Paul, You don't want me and may kind running around with M-14 after all 5 million like me will make bin laden look like a great guy. Stop us from using force and doing justice if you know what i mean? stop the blood and the evil vote for Ron Paul or face evil in the face and hell on earth.

Here is a link to very insightful commentary on "ethnic solidarity" that threatens the continuity of the American nation:

I think Fred [above]sounds a little upset? AND WHO CAN BLAME HIM!!! This is a outright assault on our Country and It's citizens. Whom by a huge majority [75% or so]dont want any of this 'multicultural crap in the first place. We were just fine before. Think back 30 years [if you can?] back when things were simple "black and white" so to speak. Ok it sucked then too, but we DONT need to add tens of millions of new problems each decade. Especially since we pay for it and get commercials like this in return.