Scottsdale: police only asking if suspects in country illegally (AP correction)

These are the moments I live for. Yesterday, the AP offered this:
Police in suburban Scottsdale have begun routinely asking for proof of citizenship from every suspect they arrest and turning those who are in this country illegally over to federal immigration officials.
Today comes this AP correction, which in full states:
In a Dec. 23 story about a Scottsdale Police Department immigration policy, The Associated Press reported erroneously that officers have begun to ask for proof of citizenship from every suspect they arrest.

Sgt. Mark Clark, a Scottsdale police spokesman, said officers are asking people who are arrested if they are in the country illegally, but police aren't requiring that criminal suspects prove their lawful presence in the country.
The AP would issue similar corrections for all the errors in their previous coverage, but no computer could hold that much data.


Minor mistake, only off by a little--just entirely what is being done and to whom. No biggie. No anti-immigration law enforcement bias or sensationalism here.

Are there any national newspapers that are anti mexican and pro American? You know, the way IT SHOULD BE!