Lawrence O'Donnell smears entire Mormon religion, all members

Speaking on the John McLaughlin Group, Lawrence O'Donnell (Senior Political Analyst at MSNBC) smeared the entire Mormon religion and all adherents including Mitt Romney, calling it racist and pro-slavery in a lengthy tirade.

This post will be updated if video of his meltdown becomes available.

UPDATE: You can watch his comments here:

There might be some more on the previous segment:

There's a discussion here:

And, Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post says he made Pat Buchanan look reasonable by comparison. Coming from the left that's quite a statement.

PUSILLANIMOUS POLTROON UPDATE: There is one religion he admits he won't criticize. Guess which it is.


I watched the show yesterday and was shocked about O'Donnell's hatred of Mormonism. Eleanor Clift had the right atitude in my opinion: "all religions are full of crazy beliefs". There's no reason to pick on Mormonism.

At least try to be accurate if you have to attack another religion. O'Donnell looked like the raving lunatic. None of his points were accurate. Either he is ignorant or belligerent, and the latter would also then accurately make him a bigot and a liar. Is that egg on your face, Mr. O'Donnell?