Oklahoma state Sen. Harry Coates complains about immigration law; family owns roofing company

Oklahoma state Senator Harry Coates is complaining about a new Oklahoma law (House Bill 1804) that tries to prevent illegal immigration in that state.

Oddly enough, his family owns a roofing company (coatesroofing.com/satis_cust1.htm). This page says he was the owner, but his current status is unknown. And, of course, there's no indication that that company employs illegal aliens. From this:
Sen. Harry Coates on Thursday called fellow Republican Rep. Randy Terrill, author of Oklahoma's controversial immigration legislation, "a mad scientist and Oklahoma is his laboratory."

...At a state Capitol news conference, Coates called for repeal of sections of House Bill 1804, whose primary author was Terrill, R-Moore. Coates said he has both economic and moral concerns about the bill, portions of which went into effect Nov. 1.

"What people don't seem to realize is that the chilling effect of this law has resulted in the loss of both documented and undocumented employees," Coates said. "These are good jobs and they pay good wages, but few American workers are willing to take them."

Jack Gray, whose Oklahoma City roofing company has been in business more than 100 years, said he hasn't lost any business, "but we will not be able to bid on any future business. There are not enough Americans who are willing to work construction."