Howard Dean to GOP: "stop scapegoating immigrants" (supports illegal immigration)

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean fully supports illegal immigration. Why do I say that? For many reasons, but the latest proof comes here:
[Dean] said Republicans are targeting immigrants and told the Republican presidential candidates that the tone of their debates on the issue has become "outrageous."

"Stop scapegoating immigrants and stop using immigration as a wedge issue."
The top GOP contenders are mostly concerned about illegal immigration, with only minor proposals relating to legal immigration. And, all of them pretend to be opposed to illegal immigration. When Howard Dean falsely implies that what they're doing is "scapegoating", he's trying to prevent a debate about illegal immigration and he's enabling more illegal immigration. Thus, I don't think it's unfair in the least to say that he fully supports illegal immigration.

In his conference call, Dean also said that the legally-correct phrase "illegal aliens" - used in the U.S. Code - is an "outrageous phrase".

Asked repeatedly by reporters about the split in his party [between those who support enforcement first and those who support "reform"], Mr. Dean sought to marginalize the enforcement-supporting Democrats, calling them "very, very few" and saying they aren't representative of his party.

"All the Democratic presidential candidates are clear" in supporting a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, he said, adding that the presidential nominee will set the party's position.

"You can take your cue from that," he said.
Dean brought along Luis Cortes Jr. from Esperanza USA.


Howard Dean is a jacka##!! Be afraid Mr very afraid that this issue proves how lawless you really are when it comes to benefitting yourself and your clueless party! ILLEGAL VOTERS is his mantra...He makes me retch!!

_Howard Dean is a jacka##!!_ To say the least. The reason that Republicans (some of them, anyway) are able to use it as a "wedge issue" is that so many Americans oppose amnesty, aka comprehensive immigration reform, which is basically the Democrats' position -- they favor amnesty.

White (but not black) Anglo-Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that they are not a people with a distinctive culture. Since you can't oppose something with nothing, the current rates of legal and illegal immigration mean that the US is on the road to being absorbed into Latin America. History clearly shows that Latin America is radically different from Anglo-America. Anglo-Americans(both black and white) need to examine closely what lies south of the border and ask themselves if that is want the US to become.

It's totally illogical, but some people seem to think that because something is being used as a wedge issue that automatically makes the arguments invalid. I guess that's it because they don't even bother to address what is raised, they just condemn the tactic. Or maybe they simply don't have any direct answers to give.