NPR Democratic radio debate December 4, 2007

[UPDATE: I didn't listen, but it looks like NPR did a CNN on immigration.]

On Tuesday, December 4, NPR will be holding a radio-only presidential debate featuring the Democratic candidates from 11am to 1pm Pacific, so be sure a leave a note on the dash of your Volvo. A GOP version remains to be scheduled.

And, they're soliciting questions from listeners, such as at this entry seeking questions about immigration. One will note that the second comment is from yours truly. Unfortunately, many of the other questions given by others are rather weak; even if their somnolescent hosts ask anything remotely similar to one of my questions, they'll probably just accept what the candidates say at face value and move on. But, you never know. The audio will be made available, and if anything interesting happens or if NPR lets lies slip past them I might make videos from it.


I happened to listen to the debate. Besides the fact that it only aired on radio, two things stood out to me. First: the candidates were way too laid-back, way too easy on each other, and the respective (comprehensive) plan each plans to have in place to deal with problems ranging from immigration to Iran. Second: Hillary's elocution skill, or lack thereof. Until then, Hillary just sounded like a ruptured duck with a stopped-up nose. But as I listened to her butcher syntax, it became clear that she lacks the fundamental knowledge to articulate a simple sentence. I was appalled. Perhaps people lack respect for the English language - because they don't speak it. Anyway, I had heard that Hillary failed the BAR Exam in Washington, DC (were that possible), but passed it in Arkansas. Yet, Hillary claims to have a lifelong interest in education. So, perhaps this should come as no surprise: