Hundreds smuggled over Canadian border (from South Korea, Pakistan, India and Central America)

From this via this:
A human smuggling operation based in Toronto and another in Montreal moved hundreds of immigrants into the U.S. [from Canada via somewhere between New York and Maine], with some paying $10,000 apiece, American prosecutors said Wednesday in announcing indictments against the groups...

[Thomas Anderson, U.S. attorney for Vermont] estimated the groups had brought hundreds of people into the U.S. from South Korea, Pakistan, India and Central America since 2004, though he did not have a specific figure. Some of those people paid as much as $10,000 for the smugglers' services, he said.

Officials said that some of the people brought into the United States had previous criminal records in this country, and that others were vulnerable to being preyed upon by the smugglers...
There's no indication of any terrorist link but one would imagine the smugglers weren't doing background checks on those they brought over.


THAT IS NORMAL BEEN YELLING ABOUT THAT FOR 20 YEARS, But here is a story about a guy who is innocent his name is John Demjanjuk, and for over 30 yaers the pigs have attacked him and the fact is he was never a nazi is some-how-missed, in fact he was in the Red Army and was captured in 1942 and was a POW Until may of 1945, but yet our low life government is still attacking this 88 year old guy; the so called political immigration judge said he had no authority to issue a stop order from removal from his home..ask why? Read about this madness and read about how many go free from places like mexico and Korea and name it from the mideast, this nation must be mad, or under some evil control?