CNN lies, misleads (11/15/07 Democratic debate edition)

The following video describes how CNN failed to note the material affiliations of some of the audience members who asked questions at Thursday's Democratic debate. And, one of the audience questions included an outrageous lie. Since CNN approved the questions in advance, they're responsible for that lie.

Here's a rundown of the audience members who asked questions.

Here's a description of a setup question from Campbell Brown and a misleading answer from Barack Obama.

Here are more examples of Obama being misleading at the debate.

And, here's more on the lie about terrorists and border.


Welcome to the ranks of the disillusioned. There is no blue pill to take you back. The pain of deprogramming will recede shortly. It will quickly be replaced by a burning anger, at least if your normal human sense of justice is still intact. I haven't been here long myself, but I can tell you that the MSM is owned and operated by people who at this point don't give a shit about ratings or making money, much less being objective. Their mission is to promote an agenda, and erasing our border is a big part of that agenda.

You are twisting the question. He was simply referring to Mexicans and immigrants from South of the Boarder. You should report for fox news