American Jewish Committee collaborates with Mexican government to support illegal immigration

Dianne Solis of the Dallas Morning News - someone not unfamiliar with downplaying meddling inside the U.S. by the Mexican governmnt - offers this:
Leaders of a national Jewish group say the hate being directed at Mexican immigrants resonates with their own experience. So they've taken up the cause and convened a series of meetings and workshops with immigrant and Mexican-American leaders, including some from North Texas.
Of course, an unbiased reporter would put "hate" in quotes or would say something like, "what they call hate". Solis is, of course, not a real reporter; she's pushing "the cause".
Laura Gonzalez, a Dallas college professor, and Jacobo Kupersztoch, a Dallas biologist, were among about three dozen Latinos from around the country who made the trek to Washington for sessions on organizing, fundraising and advocacy.

The American Jewish Committee co-sponsored the three-day workshop with Mexico's Institute for Mexicans Abroad, which includes an advisory council established by the country's Foreign Relations Ministry.
In other words, they're part of the Mexican government: Later in the article it's revealed that both Kupersztoch and Gonzalez served on that board between 2003 and 2005, and that Gonzalez is "active in the League of Women Voters of Dallas". Kupersztoch wants to establish "phone trees" of retirees to contact Congress.

Question: are both subject to the Foreign Agents Registration Act ( Even if they aren't required to register under that Act, should the reader consider them de facto agents for the Mexican government? And, likewise with the AJC should they continue to associate themselves with the Mexican government.

Also mentioned:
* Dina Siegel Vann, AJC director of the Latino and Latin America initiative
* Jeffrey Sinensky, AJC's director of domestic policy
* Jorge Navarrete, "who served on the advisory board of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad"

They met with with Rep. Howard Berman; no word is provided on whether the IME was among those who attended that meeting. They also met with Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan.


I hate the racist invaders and the racist traitors who support them.