Enrique Morones chickens out of Jim Gilchrist debate

Enrique Morones - a far-left, loose borders loon linked to the San Diego Democratic Party - "debated" Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project at California State University, Long Beach yesterday (link). What actually happened is during Morones' opening remarks he encouraged everyone in the auditorium to walkout in protest, and he followed leaving Gilchrist alone on stage speaking to a few dozen attendees.
"We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. What they're doing is a hate movement," Morones said, while objecting to the format of the debate, which had a friend of Gilchrist's as moderator...

Outside, students and professors gave speeches from a podium set up on the green about human rights and respect for diversity on campus – the message of the Campus Coalition Against Hate, which formed in the last two weeks in response to Gilchrist's visit...

"We didn't come together around immigration," said Norma Chinchilla, a professor of sociology and women's studies. "We came together around human rights and keeping our campus a place where hate does not take root."


Liberals can't debate on substance. Since their ideas have no practical merit, they can only shout down a conservative opponent. It becomes a "human rights" and "hate" issue. The law breaking, social service strife, infrastructure demands and crime are of no interest to them. They can't save anyone from that kind of stuff. "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" Michael Savage

Morones showed up for a battle of wits - and fled when he realized he was unarmed.