NY Sun: illegal alien day laborers leaving due to economic downturn

From our "FWIW" department comes this:

More than a dozen immigrant day laborers interviewed by the Sun say work has sputtered to a near halt in the past few months, and that making ends meet is becoming a more difficult task... Many of the immigrant day laborers came to the New York area to earn money and send it back to their native countries - transfers known as remittances. Now, many say they can no longer afford the transfers and some are reporting hunger and bouts of homelessness... Some immigrants interviewed by the Sun said they would return to their homeland as soon as they earned enough money for a one-way plane fare.


Criminal employers aren't the only ones to hold accountable for so much illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are not mindless pawns. They make very bad decisions, like (based on the article) buying booze instead of food, and entering the US illegally in the first place. Good to see they're now making the excellent decision to go home.