Sharon Pandak, illegal immigration supporter

Sharon Pandak (D) is running against Corey Stewart for chairman of the Board of County Supervisors in Prince William County, Virginia. Stewart is locally famous for pushing through a Prop. 200/187-style anti-illegal immigration ordinance, and the vote will be on Tuesday.

The Washington Post - an explicit supporter of illegal immigration - gives her their endorsement in "Detoxifying Prince William" (link):

...She would also deal more effectively with the valid concerns raised by the presence of illegal immigrants, particularly in the Route 1 corridor and around Manassas -- not by posturing but by being serious about enforcing zoning codes...

That implies to me that the WaPo knows that she'd keep the cheap labor and potential votes flowing, and that's confirmed in this interview from 9500 Liberty ( While she doesn't come out directly for illegal immigration - and in fact says she opposes it - reading between the lines shows where she really stands.

She wants to "deal effectively with the federal government to address these issues"; that's code for "punt it to the feds and then watch as they do nothing".

She says "illegal immigration will only be solved when our borders are secured and employers quit knowingly hiring illegal aliens". That's yet another punt to the feds, and she - and the residents of PWC - might be waiting a long time for those to happen.

Then, she claims that the costs of engaging in citizenship checks for services is greater than the costs for the services themselves to all Hispanics in that county, saying:

So, what have we achieved by doing that?

One obvious thing - obvious to the rest of us but not to her - is that that county isn't countenancing illegal activity and is discouraging the additional illegal activity that would follow if the current activity is ignored. And, that's assuming that her figures are correct. And, of course, there are non-financial benefits from making sure that the law is followed, such as reducing political corruption and discouraging private corruption.

Please send her - and the Washington Post - down to defeat.


Our whole country is wracked with negative reactions to the immigration invasion, but rather than detoxify it by removing the toxic foreigners, WaPo wants to remove the natives.

Unless you're an American native then you're a foreigner too, or rather a descendant of one just like most none white people here are. This country has many cultures and that's how it's going to be. If some one doesn't like that then they should move. This country is taking a road to racism and it should stop now. I'm personally offended by how they're handling this illegal immigration issue and no I'm not an illegal. And btw, the lonewacko had less credibility than the WaPo and it's out of tune with the country

I was born in this country. Therefore I'm an American native, fool. By your logic even the Amerindians don't have any right to be here, because their ancestors immigrated from Asia via Alaska 10000 years ago. Not to mention most of them are part European. Why should I have to move? I'd prefer we just stick to the borders and laws that have been in place for years. You have a problem with racism? Immigration is bringing in racists by the truckload. La Raza racism. Brown supremacist reconquista racism. If you don't like racism you should oppose immigration.