Hillary Clinton Chinatown contributors: to influence pro-PRC or immigration policies?

The article "NYC Chinatown Donorgate Under-Covered" has a roundup of the coverage that Hillary Clinton's large donations from dishwashers and other low-wage Chinese immigrant donors - some who can't be found - has received, then says that some of the missing donors come from an area known for immigrants from China's Fujian Province. That's apparently a hotbed of illegal alien smuggling by the snakeheads:
It's not unreasonable to suspect that the missing donors directed by community "associations" to give to the Clinton campaign are illegal Chinese immigrants smuggled into the U.S. by snakeheads who continue to wield control over them.

Did all the donors use their own money, or were some straw donors who were given money to donate? What do those who may have facilitated the violation of federal campaign laws hope to gain? Is their motive connected to the emerging struggle between Pro-PRC and Pro-Taiwan influences in major Chinatowns across the U.S.? What sort of influence might the unnamed "associations" hope to leverage concerning immigration policy?

These, and other questions, remain under-covered by the major newspapers who reported the Chinatown Donorgate story.


old news, she has been getting millions over the last 3 weeks been on savage nation in fact about 300 million from the Red China boys who live here in the USA And own 50 percent of this government. old bill and hill have been doing the same thing as Bush, after all one must eat right?

Just a heads-up on Oklahoma's new law. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/11/02/oklahoma.immigration/index.html