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Tell Senate: No to U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty

The Democrats and some Republicans want to ratify the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty, which would give a UN body control over 70% of the Earth's surface and would allow them to create a de facto global taxation system.

On Thursday, November 1 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on it; please contact their members (senate.gov/~foreign/about.html) and/or your Senators and let them know you oppose the treaty.

There doesn't appear to be a concise overview available, but see this, which describes how Sen. David Vitter asked several tough questions of Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte during a previous hearing; Negroponte appears to have at least misled if not outright lied. More on their dust-up here.

This page links to much more information, such as this.

UPDATE: Sen. James Inhofe offers a brief introduction here.

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