DREAM Act could be voted on Tuesday 10/23/07, call your Senators

From this:

By invoking Senate Rule XIV on S. 2205 [link], Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has paved the way for prompt (and ill-advised) floor action on the measure, Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin's (D-Ill.) new stand-alone DREAM Act amnesty bill. The procedural move, made late last week, means that the DREAM Act may be brought to the Senate floor as early as Tuesday (October 23) without ever having been considered in committee.

Co-sponsors are Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel; a couple of the worse provisions have been removed, but it remains a massive amnesty with huge loopholes (described at the first link).

UPDATE: The vote on this is Wednesday, so please keep calling and tell others to do the same. More of the horrific features of the amnesty are listed here. Millions could be amnestied under the scheme.


THE PIGS ARE WORKING OVER TIME FOR MEXICO AND THE THIRD WORLD RULERS. Your days are number as a people and as away of life if you don't act like real Americans and do the right thing, with lots of role and many tree.

Hagel is gone next year. Lugar is going to catch major hell tomorrow. Next week Indianapolis major Bart Peterson, a sanctuary city advocate is going to catch the political scare of his life. The Republican party is not funding his opposition but even large numbers of Democrats want to send a message anyway. Illegal immigration will be a huge issue in the election that neither party will be able to ignore. Taxpayers are in absolute revolt over and rejected proposed property tax increases. The Dream Act is going nowhere. It won't pass the Senate. Even if it does it will only cause sheer panic in the House among Purple district Democrats. A vote for the Dream Act is the kiss of death for them. Pelosi knows this. If Pelosi bends to the will of the Clintonistas so the MEChA boys don't riot in Denver and attempts to push this bill in the house, she can expect to be a one term Speaker.

Fred is making more and more sense...

YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBER AS A PEOPLE AND AS AWAY OF LIFE IF YOU DON\'T ACT LIKE REAL AMERICANS AND DO THE RIGHT THING, WITH LOTS OF ROLE AND MANY TREE. FRED DAWES Settle down Fred. By the way I thought hanging alone was for common criminals. Now Hanged Drawn and Quartered is more like it and I may add traditional for acts of treason. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanged,_drawn_and_quartered I think you would gain more support for your position if you more firmly stood your ground and demanded the traditional remedy for treason.

GOOD NEWS!!! KENNEDY ain't voting!!! Still recovering from surgery...He will miss another chance to SCREW AMERICANS!!

I agree with lamajockey: the William Wallace solution is looking more and more attractive. The problem is, how are we going to root out the few members of our "government" who _haven't_ committed treason against us?

Hi, Mary. You said he is recovering. So whats the 'good news'? Ha. Just kidding. But I will hope for a Nurse Ratched who takes a personal interest in his case. llamajockey and The Other Mary, you guys are being too English. Too slow, cumbersome and downright messy to boot. For a proper and humane therapy for treason, with a touch of class, one must always look to the French. God bless 'em. As far as how to root out and spare the 'few good ones'? Thats the price we pay for having elected leaders who have dismissed the grievances of the People for so long. And with such arrogance! There will always be a few errors. And a little righteous enthusiasm must be tolerated when the majesty of the People is awakened by the excesses of royalty.

Edward, Hey the aid in Kennedys office took issue with my pleasure that Kennedy wouldn't be able to vote...he said well if you don't care about his health.....hahahhahah Believe me I DON'T.As far as I am concerned Kennedy is a treasonous Bloated Creep who only has money because of his Dads efforts...and illegal to BOOT!!!( bootlegging )

the government is just arother way to say TREASON Against Freedom, think role think tree! and have some fun doing it to the little rats, if you know what i mean?