Braindead: Neal Boortz, Susan Estrich, Alan Colmes on Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence incident

On October 7, two members of San Francisco's "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" (the "nuns" - except for the last "nun" - featured on this video) took Communion at the Holy Redeemer Church, located in Frisco's Castro district (; picture here; news report with video of the incident here; apology from Archbishop here). They were videotaped apparently by a member of a conservative Catholic group, and in any case if them dressing as nuns-in-drag and their history wasn't enough of a clue, the behavior of the two - such as pretend cheek kissing - made it clear that their goal was to mock, despite their protestations to the contrary.

Bill O'Reilly has been making hay with this event since then, and tonight's Hannity & Colmes decided to make some hay as well.

Guests Neal Boortz and Susan Estrich and host Alan Colmes were completely clueless on this issue, thinking it was a good thing that they were going to church. Whether due to the libertarianism of the first and the liberalism of the last, or due to something in the water, they completely failed to understand that the goal of the exercise was to mock the Catholic Church. While I'm used to seeing braindead pundits, this was a new low.