Mitt Romney supports attrition by illegal aliens?

A blogger tried to ask Mitt Romney about his immigration positions:

...he did not address the question of the fate of the 12-20 million illegals in residence here... I tried to get near enough to ask about it. A flack intercepted me and said Mitt was not answering anymore questions, then asked me what I was going to ask. When I said it was about the illegals already here, the flack said they would just self deport...

At least he tried. Hopefully others will try to get a similar question asked, since the mainstream media is never going to try to find out exactly where Romney stands.

Here's a discussion of Romney's immigration positions, and here's a question for Mitt Romney that you can ask to try to nail down exactly where he stands. Please go to his campaign appearances and try to get him on tape answering that.


He and his "top-tier" fellow travellers were asked, in a nationally televised public debate, and NONE OF THEM ANSWERED THE QUESTION [1]. Instead Guiliani blathered about giving them IDs, McCain about how great "these people" are, and Romney shined us on about getting rid of the magnets (sanctuary cities and employers). The only candidate in either party I have heard talk about attrition is Tancredo, so of course the media portrays him as an extremist nutjob. It's called disenfranchisement.


Duncan Hunter is also a true American. he supports the war so some may be unable to support him...But I like the guy and like the way he emphasizes the fence over and over again. he wrote the law that built the fence in San Diego.

Romney is for cutting off the jobs, public assistance, and basicially pull up the welcome mat (complete with fruit basket) set out for illegals. Once the gravy train ends, they will in fact self-deport. However, Romney is smart enough to take such a hard line during the debates, so that he may convert more democratic voters,

As a MA voter I am stil unsure about Romney. He only started cracking down on illegals as he was leaving office here.....But at least if he is flip flopping he is flopping in the right direction

Today apparently according to NUMBERSUSA Romney called for more foreign workers which shows he like many of the others JUST DOES NOT GET IT!!! And he made the remarks in Michigan of all places whichis reling from losses due to outsourcing!! Sorry he is clueless!!!