How to Make Ron Paul a Top-Tier Candidate

This video shows how you can make Ron Paul a top-tier candidate, specifically by reducing the popularity of his opponents. The video mainly consists of a series of text screens and the script is below.

This shouldn't be considered an endorsement of Ron Paul; while I support him on sovereignty-related and similar issues, his libertarian economic policies would make me pine for the glory days of Bill Clinton. However, the current top-tier candidates are remarkably bad and anything that will reduce their popularity should be welcomed by all those who, for instance, oppose illegal immigration.

At the very least, if enough people take the advice on the video it will lead to the major Republican and Democratic candidates being forced to deal with issues in a more serious matter than they have before. It might also shame the mainstream media into asking real questions instead of simply acting as a transcription service.


To make Ron Paul a top-tier candidate, his popularity has to increase at the same time as the popularity of his opponents decreases.

An excellent way to reduce the popularity of his opponents is to expose their misleading statements and the flaws in their policies. The mainstream media won't do that, so it's up to you.

To reduce their popularity, go to campaign appearances by the current top-tier GOP - and Democratic - candidates, and try to ask them tough questions about their policies. Then, upload their responses to video sharing sites and promote the responses via blogs, forums, and other means.

The questions should be about their policy positions or things they've already said or done.

The questions should be about popular issues that people care about; immigration matters are a great choice, especially because that's where all the major candidates are weakest and the mainstream media refuses to press the candidates on that issue.

For maximum impact, try to anticipate the response to the question. If a politician will answer your question with their standard speech, change the question so they don't have that opportunity.

Try to keep the question brief and if you need to provide background information, pass out flyers with links to supporting information.

If enough people do this, it will have the side-effect of making the mainstream media look bad because regular citizens will be asking the questions they're afraid to ask.

So, please get out there and start asking some tough questions.