Mel Martinez may quit as RNC chairman when candidate emerges (not soon enough)

Republican National Committee general chairman Mel Martinez may quit his post as soon as a GOP candidate emerges, sources say. And, I say, "mind the door, and farethee well".
...News of his departure comes as Republican candidates are criticized for skipping forums aimed at Hispanic and black voters, and reports that he would step down before November 2008 dismayed some supporters.

''Hispanic voters will be key to winning the nomination, and Mel is one of the few GOP leaders who understands their importance..." said state Rep. David Rivera, a Miami Republican. "Mel Martinez understands we cannot continue to alienate Hispanics or we risk becoming irrelevant."

Martinez, who does not face reelection until 2010, has taken a battering in the polls for his immigration stance, and friends suggested it has been daunting ''trying to wear both hats'' as the party's chief cheerleader and senator.


The Hispanic vote is vastly overrated. If we have to compromise our national sovereignty to appease Hispanic voters I rather write them off and make up for their loss by going full out for the remaining vote. The only reason the Hispanic vote has been important is that a high proportion of the rest of the population has been apathetic. Wake them from their lethargy and Hispanics won't be so arrogant in their demands.

The sooner Mel Martinez departs, the better chances the GOP will have in 2008. They are not looking very good now. It is not illegal immigrants who will vote for the GOP candidate, it's Republican party members, and they are very upset by the open borders treason in the GOP.

Good point Horace -- I agree. And remember, not all Hispanics are ethnocentric racists like Mel "Smell" Martinez. True, many of them are, but a solid 20-25 percent will put what's best for the country ahead of what's best for "la raza." Good riddance Smell. Not just for his support of the shamnesty, but also because he fought tooth and nail every single effort to preserve English as our unifying national language. Nice way to pay back the "gringos" for giving him refuge from Castro, innit?

some Good News. TO The other many, this guy works for castro and always did, but also understand people who think like mexicans and love mexico are the enemies we talk about terrorists/BIN LADEN WHO HAS KILLED 10,000 AMERICANS but forget the millions of whites and blacks hispanics who have but killed by the drug dealers of mexico city and the third world rulers with the help of our own so called Government.

Who is Bush gonna replace him with??? Vicente Fox????

Many if Bush could do it he would make all non hispanics Illegal'S inside the borders of the former U.S.A.

I voted for Martinez because I believed him when he said he was for the people of the State of Florida. Well, I did not realize that he meant illegals and not the people that voted him into office. Our policies and procedures for dealing with this invasion will destroy Our Country as we have known it in the past. We need a Senator that will stand up for and enforce Our laws. Our immigration laws are fair. Fine the employers and get these 12 million + to go home. We have wasted enough money and energy on people that have no right to be here. Martinez is not for me, I will not vote for him unless there is only a GOP Nelson to vote for. Now he is a piece of work. Get rid of them both.

I sent Mel a lot of faxes through the aegis of Numbers USA and on every P.S. I managed to convey that many Americans are not keen on his ethnic nepotism and working as a fifth-columnist for Latinos. If the truth be known, his constituents in Miami Dade might not be too happy to have to compete for jobs with tens of thousands of low wage Mexicans. Latino loyalty will only go so far. He should have worked to stop illegal immigration if he had a brain.

As the old saying goes 'good riddance to bad rubbish'. It would be sweet justice if 'Smell' Martinez resigned his Senate post, too, instead of waiting until he's bounced out of office in 2010. He will not get my vote again and I, for one, will have a long memory of his incompetence and of his trying to destroy America. Check out recallmel dot com for updates on the petition effort to recall Martinez. Its a long shot but you never know....

Smelly and Billy both suck. Billy the wimp was just re-elected in 2006 so we will have THAT millstone around our necks too for a while. I hope the recallmel works but don't count on it. Smell and Billy both need to GO. They both wander around the senate floor like they are lost sheep. Have you noticed that on C-Span during a senate vote? Soometimes they just talk to each other and Smelly tells Billy how to vote.