Harvest Hillary! And, Gravel looks for a rock

Tonight's Democratic debate was just a sham, so let's make with the funny or a close approximation thereto.

First, it's Harvest Hillary. Dressed in one of her autumnal pantsuits, the candidates prepares to make what is considered in some countries an obscene gesture:

harvest hillary clinton

Then, Mike Gravel look for either a rock to throw, or for his single supporter:

mike gravel rock


Just trying to imagine her as President. Can't do it. What a pathetic bunch.

if the global guys want hillary in power to do the evil work she will be the one to latinizing this once great nation and we will all get in line or be called terrorist and be shot or sent to prison, its just part of the plan of evil doers at work and face facts most people are nothing but sheeple. you can't do the right thing you don't have the ball's for it.

I got an especially good hoot out of Gravels answer to the sanctuary cities question.... "The USA should be a sanctuary FOR THE WORLD!!!!" Look out.... STAMPEDE!!!!

the system wants us all to become the third world.