Kathleen Henehan/Media Matters promotes economic benefits of illegal immigration

"K.H." of Media Matters for America - presumably Kathleen Henehan - discusses a recent Los Angeles Times guest editorial from Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in a post entitled 'In LA Times op-ed, Krikorian cherry-picked "anecdotal evidence" on immigration crackdown' (mediamatters.org/items/200709260011). The post is beyond tedious, and here's the summary:

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, claimed that there is "extensive anecdotal evidence" that "more illegal aliens are going home, leading to improved conditions for American workers and communities." He cited five newspaper articles for support, but four of those articles also reported that the departure of illegal immigrants might have caused or may yet cause local businesses to experience a drop in revenue and eliminate jobs.

She goes on to sound just like the Wall Street Journal, George Bush, or paid hacks as they attempt to portray Agrigeddon should illegal aliens leave or be deported. Those on the left side of things may want to note that MMFA is on the side of corrupt businesses and others who profit from illegal activity in order to pay a lower wage or otherwise make more money.

Kathleen Henehan also approvingly quotes from a January 17 Wall Street Journal article that includes the following:

[t]he plant has struggled with high turnover among black workers, lower productivity and pay disputes between the new employees and labor contractors.

Thankfully - at least according to the subtext provided by MMFA - they're being replaced with Hmong imports from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Maybe Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would like to weigh in on the interesting things that MMFA supports.


Classic propaganda. The only way you can claim immigration benefits our economy is to not count the costs. That's the real cherry-picking. Our native population not growing. What then is the cost of all these schools, hospitals, roads, jails, etc that we have to build because the population keeps expanding due only to the invasion? What is the cost of the crime the invaders bring? What is the cost to our schools, healthcare, law enforcement, etc. We keep hearing how expensive the fence will be, another cost they don't count. What is the cost of language and cultural division?

I read somewhere, maybe a CIS document, that nearly all of the public school building that has gone on since the 80's - and it's been a lot - has been the result of our high immigration rate. Remember this when people talk about how we need high immigration to pay for the retirees coming up.

They're not going to pay to support white retirees. But they'll be more than happy to beat, rob, and kill them.