Ten Senators against DREAM Act; please call the rest

So far, NumbersUSA has found 10 Senators who say they'll oppose the DREAM Act, a massive amnesty that will also make it possible for illegal aliens to take college discounts from U.S. citizens:

Alabama: Sessions
Arizona: Kyl
Georgia: Chambliss; Isakson
Kansas: Roberts
Kentucky: Bunning
Louisiana: Vitter
North Carolina: Burr
Oklahoma: Inhofe
Tennesee: Corker

The phone numbers for the other senators are listed here; please give them a call and ask everyone you know to do the same.



I called and faxed Senator Bayh thru NumbersUSA both yesterday and today. I warned him that his vote against closure on "CIR" would been nothing if he allowed Durbin to attach his turd to the Defense Authorization bill. I also phoned and faxed Lugar. On my old Chicago based internet line I called Obama and Durbin. Durbin's lines have been shut down all day. Gee I wonder why.

I have called numerous Senators..(.mine are both useless and clueless, Kerry and Kennedy..traitors both!) I asked those interns I did call to ask each Senator a question. "Why should the American people continue to pay taxes when the congress represents foreign invaders and NOT Americans?" I think it's time to start a "Say NADA to TAXES Camapaign" just before the lock and load reprisal.

Mary, This may or may not be helpful for your situation As a Democrat, I told Democratic Senators that Nancy Pelosi warned that unless she had at least 80-90 Republican votes in the House, "CIR" was a no-go, since it put at risk the Democrats chances of keeping the House in 2008. In Indiana alone the key to victory for the 3 seats gained was that the Democratic candidates moved considerably to the Immigration Restrictionist side of the debate. I tell Democrats simply having Pelosi put forward any Open Borders legislation in the House, puts at risk any Purple district Democrat since so many Democratic and Independent voters are not above switching their votes if doing so means removing a pro-Open Borders Democratic Speaker from power. If somehow the AgJobs, Dream Act or Strive bill got to the floor of the House and the votes were just anywhere close to passing, I could see really voter blacklash. It would give the Republican the chance to simply run against Pelosi instead of the actual Democratic candidate on the ballot. Already Democratic Reps in purple districts are scared shitless what having Hillary at the top of ticket could do to their reelection chances. A simple Hillary + Pelosi = Amnesty campaign could prove lethal for lots of down ticket Purple district Democrats.

Quick pass another amnesty before the sleazy Republican turncoats get replaced. Chuck "I'm retiring RINO cuz I can't get re-elected" Hagel and Larry "I'm not gay" Craig John "I oppose amnesty" Kyl John "Keating 5" McCain what's funny is these pinheads think they have a constiuency other than the DNC and all pose as "conservative Republicans" when in reality they're merely whores.

Smitty, Besides Larry Craig, there are the two other gay closet case Republican Senators, Huckleberry Graham and Bitch McConnel up for election in 2008. The internet is full of rumors of their expected outings. Replace these three plus Hagel and Warner with Immigration Restrictionists and the Open Borders agenda is really crippled in the Senate. Well at least on the Republican side of the aile. Who knows if McCain gets an Ass kicking in the Republican primaries as expected, perhaps he will retire early. Because lets face it, his star in the Republican party will have all but burned out. That could make up to 6 votes on just the Republican side swinging to the Immigration Restrictionist side. That is why I believe the Radical Open Borders groups will go nuts at the Democratic convention. They know their window of opportunity for mass amnesty is passing. They unrealistically will want to force the Democrats into advocating their very unpopular agenda by threatening riots. If that happens, the result of the massive public backlash will all but destroy the Open Borders agenda.

Thanks Llamjockey, But as I see it, we have already had voter backlash.Short of marching on the capitol with pitchforks what can we do to stop these sneaky low life creeps from keeping this simmering in the background. I,for one of many, am darn sick and tired of having to watch every single move they make and endless calling when I have to work two jobs to keep my head above water.....I kinda like the idea of a mass tax boycott....no mo money for the low lifes in congress and their constituents in Mexico and IRAQ! Smitty I agree there is nothing to mourn with the loss of those RINOS leaving the senate...I wish more of them would gallop off into the sunset. Unfortunately what do you wan to bet they will just head over to K Sy since the supposed 'ethics" reform is as big a joke as most of them holding office! BTW- There is a new book out I want to get by John Keller of WBZTV in Boston...Called The Bluest State: How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster (Hardcover) by Jon Keller (Author) looks like a great read!

Please riot Latinos. Please. Reveal your true feelings for America and Americans, and show everyone what's coming.

Tanstaafi If they do riot...you can be assured that the mainstream media won't cover it!

Well, they'll cover it, but they'll focus entirely on the police, as usual. The threat that they're going to resort to violence if they don't get their way is out there. Their leaders imply it. Their wired partisans state it openly on web forums. We need to get them to play that card. They're going to play it at some time anyway. The sooner the better for us.

They've already played the boycott card and that fell flat! In VA I think it was recently......Getting sick and tired of these slimy politicians...Have you noticed the congress has reached 14% approval....I have called Harry Reeds office several times and said..."I know that Harry can reach 0% approval rating...I would bet money on it!!"