Robert Nix and Luis Mendoza would make fine Democrats (Lou Barletta invite)

Perhaps some people should consider their political options:
Leaders from two statewide groups of Latino Republicans are criticizing the Lancaster County Republican Committee for inviting Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta to speak today at a donor luncheon.

Robert S. Nix, chairman of the Pennsylvania Hispanic Republicans, and Luis Mendoza, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly's Pennsylvania chapter, slammed the local GOP, accusing it of acting against Latino interests...
Nix, who's of Mexican descent, was mentioned here about similar comments he made at a meeting of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Both have their own reasons for opposing Barletta, but I wonder whether they'd have those same reasons if most of the illegal aliens in the area were Chinese. I tend to doubt it, and I strongly suspect that their primary interest is in obtaining race-based power or something similar.

Perhaps the Democratic Party might be a better vehicle for both of them to achieve whatever their goals are.


Louder Latinos, let the whole country hear your selfish demands. We're all very interested in doing _exactly the opposite_ of whatever you think is best.

Nix is a power-hungry, ethno-supremacist. He's a rabid member of the ethno-identity politics players, he's a Mexican-American, pro-illegal alien, pro-open borders, pro-amnesty crowd. While he openly and fiercely advocates for Mexican illegal aliens, he just as fiercely takes up the fight against Boy Scouts. Let's see, could Nix's war against the Boy Scouts have anything to do with appeasing Romulo Diaz's rabid pro-gay rights agenda for the City of Philadelphia? Is this a way for Nix to gain favors from the City? Could Nix's pro-illegal alien agenda have anything to do with the fact that he's an immigration lawyer with offices in Monterrey, Mexico? has to wonder.

Despite his popularity in his hometown of Hazelton, Lou Barletta faces an uphill fight to win the Congressional race for the 11th Congressional District. On my website,, I expalin exactly why I think Lou Barletta should NOT be elected to the United States Congress.