Hsuicide! Norman Hsu typed, FedEx'd suicide note to many (efficient!)

Former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu almost committed suicide, thus possibly explaining his weird behavior on the train bound for Denver Chicago which let him off at a hospital in Grand Junction.
...he typed out a suicide note and sent copies to several acquaintances and charitable organizations, according to people who received it.

The one-page note, signed by Mr. Hsu, "very explicitly said he intended to commit suicide," said one of the recipients in an account corroborated by others, including law-enforcement officials. Mr. Hsu also apologized for putting anybody "through inconvenience or trouble," the recipient said.
Now, certainly, one would think someone would write things like this out longhand. But, maybe he was just efficient or something. Right? Of course!

UPDATE: At least one of the letters began, "To whom it may concern". Maybe it wasn't an attempted Arkancide but Hsu just wanted to make it look that way.


Very nice link, lonewacko. Just what is this connection between the Chinese, the Chinese mafia, the Clinton's and the democrat campaign coffers? Like a new lead in the Jimmy Hoffa story, new revelations and new questions pop to the surface every year or so, but never get answered. And its because key people just die or disappear, or wind up on the list. I bet ole Norman will join that list soon. Just another mysterious "suicide" who also had to stop and reload twice during the process. At least the MSM isn't dropping this one. Where Watergate was a pork chop, this smells like a big raw steak. Gives those cub reporters the urge to prowl, hungry for their own Pulitzer. Hsu could be key, if he lives long enough. Happy hunting, young reporters!