New York Times editorial promotes Mexicanos Sin Fronteras

On the 9th, the New York Times offered the editorial "Is It Fixed Yet?". Frankly, pointing out all the ways the New York Times immigration editorials are wrong is getting a bit tiresome, so instead I'm going to outsource most of it to former NYC mayor Ed Koch who, surprisingly, is supportive of attrition (reducing the numbers of illegal aliens here by enforcing our laws).

However, this bit from the current screed must be noted here:

...a crackdown in Prince William County, Va., inspired a boycott and a fiery march last week led by a testy group called Mexicanos Sin Fronteras. You didn't think they were just going to roll over, did you? They're immigrants: smart, industrious self-starters, like your grandparents.

The site at the last link has several entries about that "testy" group, for instance in this category.

And, the WaPo even had a profile of those "self-starters":

Today, [Mexicans Without Borders leader Ricardo Juarez] and his wife, Patricia, live with [his brother Alex Juarez], his wife and their three children in a two-story Woodbridge home. A photo of early 20th-century Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata hangs in the den, casting a burning stare from beneath a large sombrero... Zapata's modern-day acolytes, the leftist rebels of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, have shaped Juarez's worldview and inspired his organizational strategies -- minus the ski masks and AK-47s. Although Juarez certainly does not advocate armed struggle in the Virginia suburbs, he has worked with Zapatista-affiliated activist organizations, according to Juarez and Web sites, and shares the rebel group's contention that U.S. free-trade polices hurt Latin America's poor and drive emigration.

Testy indeed.


YOU DIDN\'T THINK THEY WERE JUST GOING TO ROLL OVER, DID YOU? THEY\'RE IMMIGRANTS: SMART, INDUSTRIOUS SELF-STARTERS, LIKE YOUR GRANDPARENTS. I for one sure never did. Like I have been trying to warn my fellow Democrats. The Open Borders crazies are planning on showing up in Denver in August 2008 and make dam sure any American who has not heard of the the Reconquista a real primer. Pandering to the La Raza borg only encouraged the beast to give birth to even more radical offspring. Now the MEChA boys and the Brown Berets will be tell the world about ATZLAN. And then there will be no way you can just dismiss it as a Right Wing internet hoax. Ok Hillary now try to tell us the opposition to Open Borders is just about fear mongering and racism.

CONGRESS IS BACK AND MAY YET EKE OUT LITTLE VICTORIES. A HEARING WAS HELD IN THE HOUSE LAST WEEK ON THE STRIVE ACT, THE SMARTEST, MOST WORKABLE IMMIGRATION BILL LEFT. THERE IS SUPPORT FOR TWO RELATIVELY UNCONTROVERSIAL PROVISIONS OF THE DEAD SENATE BILL, TO HELP FARMS AND FARMWORKERS AND TO GIVE AN EDUCATIONAL LEG UP TO CHILDREN WHO HAD NO SAY IN CROSSING THE BORDER ILLEGALLY. Strive Act - oh yeah it would be just a little victory for the global corporatist wiping out hundreds of thousands more of the already disappearing middle class jobs. The Dream Act - Squeeze out the hopes tens of thousands of middle class American kids of ever going to their own tax payer finance state universities. Encourage millions of foreigners to come here to drop an anchor baby in order to ensure they will get a shot at a college education their own countries' elites will never finance. The NYT has gone complete Bat Quano Neo-Liberal Global Corporatist mad.

'TheyÂ’re immigrants: smart, industrious self-starters, like your grandparents.' People who generalize about negative characteristics of immigrants are routinely labeled 'scapegoaters'. So what do you call people who generalize about heroic characteristics of immigrants?

Look guys the deal is made so Buy Guns make cell or become Mexico. but you can stop all of the blood from happening by getting behind Ron Paul and vote, if Ron Get's 60 percent of the vote and is not allowed to take office we can see what this system is and remove it and replace it with Laws of a Great Nation once more, end of story and ask what do you want? Mexico and blood? or freedom and laws? Freedom is not free.

In the puny little minds of the anti-racists it is perfectly ok to call a group other than your own _ubermensch_. As long as they don't have to live among them. Obviously the children and grandchildren of immigrants are acting as Trojan Horses. How absurd it is to make that an argument in _favor_ of immigration. It simply drives home the point that immigrants and their offspring don't love America.