California Rural Legal Assistance Corp. in hot water (illegal aliens)

From this:
Investigators subpoenaed records from a prominent California legal aid group to determine whether it has violated federal rules by using taxpayer money to perform work for illegal aliens.

The California Rural Legal Assistance Corp. (CRLA), which is fighting the subpoena, has until next week to explain to a judge in Washington why it should not turn over client records to the federal Legal Services Corp.

Inspector general investigators say they've been stymied in the probe into whether the California legal group focuses its resources on farm worker and Latino issues while limiting services to inner-city residents and others, according to court filings.
"Immigration Bill Would Make Taxpayers Pay Legal Bills of Illegal Aliens Seeking Amnesty"
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation making signs for day laborers?
California Rural Legal Assistance violated federal law?

In regards to the latter, Jose Padilla (the one who runs CRLA) was apparently cleared by the IRS.


I was wondering what prompted the inspector general to launch an investigation & fucus on this specific group becuase there are literally thousands of entities & organizations providing services to illegal immigrants-then I read the attached article and found this quote: "The World Can't Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime" So anti-Bush propaganda is not OK, promoting criminal invasion, illegal immigration, subsidizing & giving services to illegal immigrants OK, promoting Socialist initiatives OK, advocating against Bush-not OK.