Did Popular Mechanics, History Channel fabricate evidence? (9/11 debunking)

According to this video, Popular Mechanics and the History Channel fabricated evidence in their show purporting to debunk 9/11 myths of the conspiracy variety. It's not possible to verify the claims for various reasons, but it would certainly be interesting to hear their reply (or a reply from one of their promoters).

There was apparently a "little white jet" near the crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania (PM, not PM). And, apparently they were asked by ground control in Cleveland to fly over the scene and report back the coordinates of the crash. The video has someone apparently from the PM/HC show saying it was a Dassault Falcon Jet, followed by a cut to stock footage from an air traffic control room with audio of a controller asking a pilot of they see any activity from the crash site. The pilot says, "It appears to be just a dark cloud, like a puff of black smoke."

From that one would assume the pilot is the one from the corporate jet.

However, the video contains a longer audio segment from which the shorter PM/HC segment was taken, and they claim the audio was actually from communication with a commercial jet (American 1060).


There wouldn't have been any 9/11, conspiracy theories, or debunking if we weren't stupid enough to let Muslims walk (and fly) amongst us.

Anyone who has seen a video of the WTC-7 collapse knows that to 'debunk' the 'conspiracy theories' on that you'd have to makeup quite a story. None of the various official commissions etc managed to come up with an explanation for it.