GAO report: DHS not meeting goals

From this:
A report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, says the Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet half its performance expectations since it was established in 2003...

..."There were 171 different performance expectations of which we judged that 78 were generally achieved, 83 generally not achieved, and 10 that we did not assess."

The GAO says the Homeland Security Department made the least progress toward some of the fundamental goals set after the 2001 attacks, including improving emergency preparedness and eliminating bureaucratic and technical barriers to information sharing.

The GAO finds moderate progress made in such areas as immigration enforcement, transportation security, and securing critical infrastructure, including bridges and power plants.

The report says the only area where significant progress has been achieved has been in maritime security...
According to the DHS, the GAO used a "flawed methodology", and they've issued a rebuttal. The GAO report is in this PDF.


"moderate progress made in such areas as immigration enforcement"? That part at least isn't "flawed methodology" - it's the methodology of propaganda working flawlessly.