Philip Elliott/AP interviews Bill Richardson about immigration, Soviet style

Philip Elliott of the Associated Press offers "AP Interview: Richardson understands immigration concerns". Tough questions like these have not been seen since the glory days of Pravda/Izvestia. In fact, the interview is very short and there are no questions that even hint at his policies, much less point out the gaping flaws in same. Instead, it's basically things like this:

"Here's a Hispanic governor who will be soft on immigration," Richardson said, anticipating the attacks.

Always the victim, isn't he? Obviously, the AP and the rest of the MSM are too corrupt to ask Richardson the questions that, if his answers were widely promoted, could end his political career. So, it's up to us to fill that gap by asking him some tough questions.

Please go to Bill Richardson's campaign appearances and ask him about his lie about the border fence, his involvement with the OAS, his support for ethnic nationalism, or all the other questions he needs to be asked but won't be by "reporters" like Philip Elliott.


Lonewacko, Rank and File GOTV Democratic activist like me are shitting their pants that Hillary gets the nomination after massive pandering to Latinos. Then La Raza+LULAC+MALDEF+MEChA+THE BROWN BERETS+THE AZTLAN CRAZIES+ANSWER all show up in Dever demanding immediate Amnesty, Open Borders and full healthcare and welfare benefits. The KKK and Neo-Nazis come to demand the right to counter protest. And to top it all off BR is given a primetime speech opportunity to scold the 65% of Democrats in favor of Immigration Restrictionist policies that they are a bunch of racists as well. Oh well, for the first time in many elections perhaps I will just take October off. Nothing I or ten of thousands of other loyal Democrats can do to stop the Hillary trainwreck. Please God just shoot me if Hillary decides to pick Richardson as her running mate. Just telling folks he will get Secretary of Interior or worse Homeland Security will be enough to make me slit my wrists.

Up until now the brown supremacists have been given a free pass. If Joe Sixpack who still thinks "they only come here for the jobs" and we have to "give them a path to citizenship" knew what the Latino leaders and intellectuals are saying about reconquista and Raza there would be...well it still wouldn't change anything because the corrupt elites would still ignore us. But at least we wouldn't hear those stupid cliches so often.

Tanstaafl, The Progressive blogger David Sirota has written about how the Democratic Congress has been absolutely incompetent in its dealings with the Bush administration. As Sirota has said if the Democratic leadership really wanted to make headway on ending the Iraq debacle and laying the groundwork towards UHC it would reach across the aisle and promote overwhelming popular Immigration Restrictionist and Secure Borders proposals. Blue Dog Democrats and numerous Republicans know that their electorate wants the Iraq war to end as much as they want the end of Open Borders. I think every Democratic congress person now knows that Ramos and Compean got railroaded. They even held hearings Yet they backed down on urging Bush to grant a pardon or simply commute their sentances. It simply shows how craven the DLC/DNC corporatist leadership is in their willingness to pander to the Cheap Labor/Open Borders/Latino Ethnocentric lobby. Sirota recently moved to Denver after successfully helping bring the Democratic party back to life in Montana. Sirota was startled by the foreboding of local Colorado Democrats that Hillary's nomination and the 2008 convention will result in an absolute debacle. The Denver convention is suppose to be the symbolic rebirth of the party in the Western States. Yet if the American public is exposed to the Reconquista crazies and the fact that Democrats have been pandering to their more polished Ford Foundation financed allies like La Raza, LULAC and MALDEF the shit will really hit the fan. Just think! If Hillary gets the nomination, how the hell is she going to keep her national campaign advisor Mayor Villariagosa away from the podium or the MSM. Like I have been saying. Grassroots GOTV Democrats can see the Hillary trainwreck coming down the track and feel sick that they may not be able to stop it.

Why can't they stop it? Grass roots democrat operatives riddle the mass media. Urge them to lift/subvert the immigration news blackout.

Tanstaafl, It is tough when lots of Liberal magazines and websites are at least partially dependent on donations from so many Charitable Trusts which are managed by the children of the priviledged who themselves are really quite removed from the working classes. Things are slowly changing however. Check out the comment sections on any pro-immigration article at The Atlantic, Washington Monthly, American Prospect/TAPPED or the Huffington Post. It use to be just the Lonewacko all by himself. Now the majority of the post are from folks like myself telling it like it is.