California dentists welcome new mandatory dental exams for kindergarteners

California has a new law mandating dental exams for kindergarteners in public schools. But, it has "few teeth" (ouch!), Barbara Feder Ostrov of Mercury News "reports" (link).
Children will not be barred from school if they do not get the checkup. Parents who can't afford the exam, lack insurance coverage or simply do not want their child's dental health evaluated can sign a waiver to opt out of the requirement. And because the law does not require treatment of problems identified during screenings, some critics believe it will do little to get poor or uninsured children the dental care they need.

Yet dentists remain hopeful that the new rule will help improve the oral health of California's schoolchildren, noting that tooth decay in some kids can be so severe and painful that it keeps them from learning or even eating properly.
It's good to hear them say that, since (at least according to this), the California Dental Association "sponsored" the legislation from Assemblymen Bill Emmerson and John Laird. They've even got a helpful page at their site describing the new law.

After the excerpt above, "reporter" Ostrov backs up their claims with studies and then directs readers to the CDA's site for more information.

What she doesn't do is contact anyone who might wonder about what links the CDA has to those who sponsored or voted for this legislation. "Following the money" is so old skool, dontcha know.


Too bad the doctors don' sponsor a bill to check for tb -- or would that be discrimination?