Feinstein, Reid, growers to push AgJobs amnesty (yes, again)

Senator Dianne Feinstein apparently gave a speech today where she promised to bring back the AgJobs farmworkers amnesty scheme, which would cover at least 1.5 current illegal aliens. Harry Reid already promised to bring it back, perhaps attached to some other bill such as the Farm Bill.
Step one in the plan for passage calls for farmers and their allies to emphasize anew the dangers of losing an agricultural work force.
They've been working on that for a while, with sympathetic "news" sources promoting "crops rotting in the fields" articles.
"Agriculture is going to push this thing," Manuel Cunha, president of the Fresno-based Nisei Farmers League, said Wednesday... Recently, Cunha took part in an immigration conference call with White House officials who are maneuvering in their own way.

[...Step Two involves Reid's schemes...]

Step three in the AgJobs game plan relies on employer anxiety over a new Bush administration plan for cracking down on companies that hire illegal immigrants. Two weeks ago, the White House announced plans to send out tens of thousands of so-called "no-match" letters...


Watch the media blame ALL the consequences of the recent mid-west flooding (rotting crops, unemployed aliens, rise in crime/poverty) on the immigration "crackdown". To convince us the "crackdown" is a bad idea of course. They way they baldly twist everything to fit their pro-immigration agenda is breathtaking.

I don't care if their crops rot in their fields. If these companies don't want to pay a decent wage then screw 'em!! Read Pat Buchanons column today We Did it to Ourselves!

H-2A temporary AgWorkers visas are uncapped. That's right, growers can import as many as they need. HOWEVER, they have to abide by hours and wage laws, are responsible to some degree for insurance and living space, and must note how long they need the workers for and come close to that before letting them go. Too much work! Too expensive! These growers would much rather hire on the spot or even under the table, pass their workers' living conditions onto the community at large, send them to the ER at the local hospital if they are sick or hurt, and drop them the second they no longer want them. This isn't hard to figure. If you can start a business and pass many of your costs onto the community at large, you are more likely to succeed than if you are legit.