Saul Arellano, Karla Barguiarena, and Child Protective Services

Karla Barguiarena of Houston's KHOU offers a disturbing interview with Saul Arellano, son of deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano. The article only gives a preview of the bias; the video is where you can see her bias in full flower. It's over 7 minutes long and unedited, for which I'm actually thankful: you can hear the "reporter" asking a series of leading questions, such as trying to get him to say that president Bush is "mean". Unfortunately, he had only said that a bit half-heartedly, and she then asks him why he (supposedly) said Bush was mean. SA replies, "I don't know", which the reporter then follows with, "yes you do". And, in two other places when asked what he wants Bush to do, SA immediately launches into what is obviously a scripted response ("...stop the raids and deportations...", etc. etc.)

The video and the article show the dangers of having racial advocates posing as reporters. But, on a more important note I think it's time to call Child Protective Services.


I wonder is she would be so sympathetic if she were to pay the $20,000 a year for each person she wishes to "adopt:. I bet not...these people only magnanimous with other peoples money!