Tancredo: Newark victims families should sue city for negligence

From this:
Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is urging the families of three young murder victims to consider suing the city of Newark for negligence, saying [in Newark] its lax immigration policy [as a sanctuary city] is at least partially to blame for the execution-style slayings.

Mayor Cory Booker, who has said involving city police in immigration matters would hurt the relationship between police and the immigrant community, repeated that contention today, citing the conclusions of a Clinton administration study on the issue.

"Local law-enforcement officials should not be going out asking, inquiring and investigating whether people are documented or undocumented," Booker said. He said such behavior "creates a chill in which often the most marginalized and vulnerable citizens in my city do not feel comfortable engaging with the police. It's an environment I will never tolerate as mayor."
He then played the outsider card and accused Tancredo of trying to "inflame" the community.


I've often said more or less the same thing: a class action lawsuit by people who've been victims of, or harmed by (e.g. relatives), crimes committed by illegals who had previous contact with law enforcement but were, for some reason, not held and deported, may have legal legs. Anyway, it's worth finding out, because such suits, whether brought by individuals or groups, certainly have a kind of just, moral standing.

The people of this nation should be "inflamed" by the continued complicity of local officials who turn a blind eye to criminal illegal aliens by implicitly or explicity adhering to sanctuary policies and "don't ask don't tell" policies that tie the hands of law enforcement and allow criminal illegal aliens to terrorize our communities. Enough is enough. Si se puede....enforce the law.

I'd go further than that. If that were my kid I would be PLANTED on the steps of the white house day and night until that wretched, treasonous bastard BUSH was IMPEACHED for allowing the continued assaults on American People! What a frigging joke this man is...(and yes I voted for him SLAP!) He wantsto fight over "there" so we won't have to fight over here..Damn right we are not fighting over here ...we are allowing them to just kill our people outright without putting up a fight! That SOB would be held accountable for those deaths if the parent were me....He's an ABOMINATION!

do it, but it will nevr go any-place.

I commend the efforts of Newark City Police in capturing the last of the six suspects in the murders of Dashon Harvey, Iofemi Hightower, and Mr. Ariel, and the attempted murder of Natasha Ariel. However, had the sanctuary policies regarding illegal aliens in New Jersey and in particular, Newark not been in place, the monsters especially the ring leader Carranza, would not have been on the streets of the U.S. to commit these heinous crimes. He would have been reported and deported. Just say NO MAS to illegal aliens, sanctuary policies and LA RAZA.