The video that could make Mitt Romney president

I don't want Mitt Romney to be president, but if I did I'd work night and day to get as much attention as possible to this NSFW video: [below]. Once again: the end of it is NSFW.

Now that's a smear! And, sleazy too, and one that only a small percentage of the population would not be disgusted by.

So, if you have a DailyKos account, or want to send it to Crooks & Liars or even, feel free. Let's get the word out about this Romney fellow!

12/28/11 UPDATE: I embedded the video ("Does Mitt Romney Wear Magic Underpants") below.


The system will make Mitt Romney the EL.President, lets face facts if the big boys want him as our so called President it will BE!..If we want a guy who will do the right thing by all people it will never happen, the fact is we have no political system only a system of one world people who hate our freedoms.

I think Bill Mahr was one of the first to mention this subject. He really has the nerve.