Illegal alien drunk driver kills three, could get three or four years

Under a plea deal, an illegal alien who killed three young Americans while drunk in a head-on collision could get a little over four years in prison. Lee County, North Carolina Assistant District Attorney Mike Beam made the bargain that would allow him to plead to involuntary manslaughter with 16 to 20 months for each count; minus 10 months time served that would result in a sentence of 38 to 50 months.

According to his lawyer:

He's very, very sorry. It's a tragic accident.


'In November, federal immigration agents confirmed that Rios is in the country illegally and placed him under an immigration detainer, meaning that if heÂ’s going to be released from custody for any reason, heÂ’ll be turned over to federal authorities, who can begin the process of deporting him.' Which means he may or may not get a deportation order, which he may or may not comply with, and even if does leave the country, he could easily come back and get right back on NC roads and certainly without a drivers license. I saw a panel of appellate judges and one told of being shown the single digit % of those receiving deportation orders who actually leave the U.S. The judge responded 'Why do we bother then?' In the end, the long judicial process achieves very little since very few of the losers of cases actually end up leaving the country. Obviously it's much more effective to deter illegal aliens from coming in the first place.

I too am curious about this ''begin the process of deporting him'' stuff. If he is, in fact, an illegal, something that really ought not be hard to determine, he ought to be out of the country within 24 hours. In skivvies and socks and NOTHING else. Oh, and the costs - ALL the costs, with interest -- to be paid by the nation of origin. Implant an RFID chip in him somewhere and put a big tattoo on his face somewhere. If he EVER comes back, shoot him immediately, right on the spot. It should be understood that any illegal every caught here can NEVER NEVER NEVER attain legal status. We don't need burglars and liars, we have plenty already, and we don't need any moe.

Tragic accidents happen in prison too. Or so I've heard.

Nothing new here the little Aliens murder and rape many people, read about the young girl who was murdered by two aliens the 4 black woman, the list's is endless and will someday hit you in the faces.