McCain (lamely) confronted on immigration in New Hampshire

Shortly before reiterating that he supports a "guest" worker scheme and amnesty but is just taking a different tack to get his goal, Senator John McCain was able to deflect a poor question. This shows once again that simply ranting or asking open ended questions doesn't work, you have to ask tough questions about past statements or actions. Here's the "question":

"I'm terribly concerned there's real danger we're going to lose our country from within... Even if we make English the national language, what difference does it make if you can vote (in Spanish), if where everywhere you go, the hospitals are obliged to provide interpreters? We need one language."

That's followed by Fox's the Associated Press' editorializing:

McCain said he believes more must be done to require immigrants to learn English, but matched her suspicions with some of his trademark straight talk.

And, McCain's response:

"I'd also like to tell you that in my state of Arizona, we like the Hispanic heritage. We like the food. We like the music. We like to have Hispanic influence on our state and we are enriched by it," he said, reminding her that similar fears greeted waves of Irish, Polish and other immigrants in generations past. "I understand your concern that our traditions and our culture and background are being overwhelmed by another culture, but I believe we're stronger than that."

Hopefully someone will reference his (no doubt canned) response when asking him specifically about the differences between past immigration and the current variety.


The real GOAL Is The North American Union, as far as language is goes its mean nothing to people who hate your way of living in fact this little Rat McCain wants us all dead or inside a camp system waiting for the overs, McCain and Bush both have money in Mexico both hate us as a people and as a culture of good against evil, this once more show's me much this government hates the ideals of laws and duty to a nation state. the only tough question you must ask are you going to stand up to the ideals of the drug dealers in the third world or do nothing but wait until you are living in a third world hell? The Difference Between Spanish and English are evil against good ideals against total enslavement and a world that lives or a world that is dead? who and what are you? and what will you do to stop this evil? ask do you stand against evil doers? or live with it until it eats you alive? McCain and Bush and all the little rats inside this government of corruption hate you and love the people of total corruption of life. Buy Guns stand up against the rats who hate your freedoms and want you to become a third world person with no rights and no life.

There's the rub. Those most screwed by the immigration invasion are the law-abiding, tax-paying, employed people who are least inclined to rise up or resort to violence - or to even demonstrate. We should rise up, but we are soft. We pay and rely on our government to protect us, and yet they are thoroughly compromised, corrupt - they are allied with the invaders. Have you been to any immigration demonstrations? Our side is mostly retirees and oddballs. Most of the rest are busy working. (No offense intended to those brave souls.) Our very best are overseas dying so that poor Muslim kids won't get depressed and fly planes into our buildings. Or so says El Presidente. Meanwhile the poor oppressed "undocumented workers" always seem to have plenty of time and muscle for demonstrations. They feel perfectly safe bringing their entire family to scream RACIST and FASCIST in the faces of old people. Wonderful Democrats these Ladeeenyos will make. The media won't show what's going on for the same reason they won't ask politicians tough questions on immigration - because they know it would cause outrage and damage their cause: wide open borders. So, where do we start?

McKennedy is a jackass who coughs up rehearsed pablum in his responses. He likes the "the food, the music"? I don't give a rats you know what abou the food or the music. We're talking about something much bigger and important that fatty food and crappy, repetitive music. "Failure to discriminate cruical differences" - that describes McKennedy. If he doesn't see the difference between today's illegal Lation invasion and Irish immigration from the mid-19th century, then he's truly and idiot. Not only the numbers, but the reluctance to assimilate, reluctance to learn English, and the rampant illegality of it all. Idiot.

It's pretty much always the same with that idiot McCain: food and cultural 'enrichment'. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to eat Mexican food now and then, or would say all such influences are undesirable or bad. But it's not about that... The numbers are huge. So huge that in some places they are practically a replacement population. So it's more than 'enrichment'. Anyone who says we're 'strong enough' to survive that is really a dishonest jerk. Not to mention the illegality of most of it and the poverty and criminality and 'bad schools'. We shouldn't be presented with this fait accompli because corrupt politicians won't enforce the law and then asked to be happy about it. At least apparently he occasionally lets up on the 'jobs Americans won't do' crap. And when is this guy gonna give up on being President?

I've seen many communities infiltrated by the Hispanic Community and I wouldn't describe any of them as "enriched". That is not the term that I would use to describe Los Angeles and Miami. The term that I would use is "overrun". We can enjoy Mexican food and music without allowing an illegal invasion. I'm sure glad McCain won't be our President and look forward to the "enriched" people of Arizona booting McCain out of office.

All you guys are right the people of this once great nation will become a part of the low life rats of the third world, but maybe we can save a little part of this nation by fighting for the right to be Americans we will have to fight many of our so called people who are in all things our nation enemies, and by doing this act of freedom fighting we will go to our graves as Americans and if 1000 stand up under arms and are willing to die for freedom against the evil subversion and the evil betrayal of the ideals of freedom we will have build a monument that the rats of hell can never remove.