Bush predicts labor shortage if immigration laws are enforced

This is a flashback to July 20 that I didn't note at the time:
President Bush yesterday said Americans will soon realize they need the immigrants and foreign temporary workers that would have been allowed by his immigration bill, which was defeated in the Senate last month.

Mr. Bush, in a town hall session in Nashville, Tenn., also refused to say whether he will pardon two U.S. Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a fleeing drug-smuggling suspect, saying the prosecutor was a friend of his who made his case to the jury that convicted the agents.

..."The bill failed and I can't make a prediction to you at this point, sir, where it's going to head," the president told one questioner. "I can make you a prediction, though, that pretty shortly people are going to be knocking on people's doors saying, man, we're running out of workers."

Mr. Bush said there are workers who will do jobs Americans aren't doing in the agriculture sector in particular, and without them the jobs will go unfilled...


Bush will make a lador shortage and he will help to collapse the economic system to get what he wants the North American Union, the pig really hates us all who stand against his evil ideals. This rat of a person ( read Bush ) is doing all he can with this war and with you jobs and the borders to end this great Nation and to make his friends in mexico city happy. Bush is Bin Laden

Here's my prediction: Bush will make a big show of enforcement, most of which he knows will get gummed up in court, the rest of which is intended to squeeze businesses into more energetically supporting reform. Net effect on the invasion: zip. Meanwhile another two years will have passed before a new administration and congress can even begin to reverse things. As if. Because we lack the huevos to actually deport anyone once they've gotten here Bush's courageous delaying action will secure the blessing of liberty (Z visas, bananas, or whatever McCain ends up calling his g-damned amnesty) for several million additional Ladeeenyos. Years from now, when Bush, McCain, Kennedy, and Graham die they'll be hailed as the heroes who shut the bigots up. However you say that in Spanish, which will be the US's single official language. A mariachi band will play while they lay in state. I hope I'm wrong. But I'm betting my property in Aztlan that I won't be.

A labor shortage means 0% unemployment. Is it just me, or isn't that a good thing?

Labor shortages are good, nothing spurs innovation and productivity like a labor shortage, show me a country with labor shortages and I'll show you a country with rising incomes & standards of living. Show me a country with a labor surplus & I'll show you either a 3rd world nation or a bloated Socialist government.