Dianne Feinstein: either pass "reform", or allow illegal immigration (acropalypse!)

Senator Dianne Feinstein uses the news that the Bush administration says it's finally going to enforce our immigration laws to promote the AgJobs amnesty. Reading between the lines, she's saying that if that doesn't pass, she's willing to support illegal immigration. Is she little more than an enabler of crooked growers? I'll let you decide:
The Administration's approach is a Band-Aid that will not stop the looming crisis American agriculture will face this fall. The crisis is that crops will not be harvested.

Our nation's $260 billion agriculture industry depends largely on undocumented workers. Today, it is estimated that at least 70 percent of the workers who plant, prune, and harvest American fruits and vegetables are undocumented. Without them, American farmers will not be able to fully harvest their crops.

We have found over the years that there simply are not enough Americans willing to do this work. Today's farm workers are highly skilled – they know how to harvest, how to pack, how to can. To take this workforce away would collapse the industry.

[lists supposed instances of growers losing crops due to a lack of workers, although those may be due to other factors... warns of growers moving to Mexico, which might actually be better for both countries... raises specter of tainted food imports...]

...Secondly, if China is able to get a foothold on the American apple market and we see the importation of cheap apples, the American apple market will be decimated...

...In a couple of weeks, there is going to be catastrophe... [...the acropalypse is nigh!...]
I don't know whether Chinese crops are picked using slave labor, but one wonders how far Feinstein would be willing to go to support the U.S. apple "industry".


The immigration problem is not taken seriously by Bush, Feinstein or anyone else who basically wants open borders. This bunch will just wait till the opponents fall back and then try another big push. George Bush may have very sincere humanitarian motives in supporting open borders and/or amnesty for those already here. This however does not minimize the destructive aspects of 12 million illegals who pose a real danger to our Republic. http://thumbsnap.com/v/765DqU4m.jpg

Hello to the other Edward! So true, except I think he takes the idea of unlimited immigration and keeping the border open very seriously. It's just the cost to the Nation, and the American middle class, that he does not take seriously. BTW, love the sombrero!

'George Bush may have very sincere humanitarian motives in supporting open borders and/or amnesty for those already here.' Or he may just be a tool of business interests with ZERO loyalty to American citizens.

'This program [AgAMNESTY, er, JOBS] will be capped at 1.5 million blue cards in five years (without a per year cap) and sunset after five years.' Oh is that all. A mere 300,000 amnesties per year. Some cap. And then when they get amnesty and more rights and organize as labor, guess who these same ag business will then move on to hire--the NEXT generation of illegals and then what becomes of the displaced amnesty recipients who lack English and a high school education? Riding to the rescue, 80+ year old Feinstein will again warn of the coming 'catastrophe' and calling for MASagJOBS. Repeat until 1/2 billion U.S. population and beyond.