Help Gregory Clark (UC Davis) reduce illegal immigration

Gregory Clark - professor of economics at UC Davis - offers "Illegal immigration: our best foreign aid":
About 160 million people with incomes a fifth or less than the average U.S. income now reside less than 1,500 miles from our southern border. Given this huge income gap, more border agents and more miles of fence cannot prevent substantial illegal migration. But such migration is actually the United States' most effective foreign aid program, helping some of the poorest people in the world. Some believe such migration should be tolerated, not fought to the death. [...globalism - sold by people like Clark - increased the wealth gap between countries...] ...Across such a long border, more agents and better technology can slow the inward march of migrants, but it cannot halt it... ...In such a situation, recognizing that there will be some flow of labor across this wealth divide, and periodically legalizing those who manage to find their way to the U.S. labor market, is not a bad option...
Of course, Clark forgot to mention one of the other ways that, if we did it, would greatly reduce illegal immigration: conducting stings against crooked employers and imprisoning them.

And, he goes on to promote remittances, without mentioning their huge downsides. Is he unable to figure those out, or don't the costs of massive political corruption and propping up corrupt foreign governments figure into this "economist's" calculations?

There's yet another way to reduce illegal immigration: discredit hacks like Gregory Clark by pointing out the things they forgot to mention.


'those who manage to find their way to the U.S. labor market' I.E., THOSE WHO VIOLATE U.S. LAW 'a little live-and-let-live when it comes to immigration' I.E. CORRUPTLY NOT ENFORCING U.S. LAW Both of the euphemisms above conveniently omit the little matters of law being broken and of corruption. The tolerance of those little things play a big part in why some countries fall behind even in his wondrous age of 'fee trade'. Yet he wants to import those backward ways to the U.S. Brilliant. Amazingly, this guy didn't sign the embarrassing 'Open Letter On Immigration'. You know, that condescending lecture which never bothered to mention 'illegal' one time and which touted remittances as 'a form of truly effective foreign aid'. If remittances are so wonderful and so huge from the U.S., why are the recipient nations getting poorer? To paraphrase the author, 'some people' believe such remittances do more harm than good. To not even acknowledge the large body of work detailing the downside of remittances shows they have an agenda. They are far from the civic minded types they portray themselves to be. Quite the opposite. They are fervently anti-nation state and thus anti-American.

amanda is telling you the Brutal truth of this non Nation. thank you amanda

why should we even worry about providing "foreign aid" to a wealthy country (Mexico) that has more billionaires than Switzerland? The billionaires include, of course, the current world's richest human- telecom monopolist Carlos Slim.