Mitt Romney opposes "special" pathway to citizenship, emphasis on "special"

Mitt Romney is a real slippery eel when it comes to immigration, and neither professional "journalists" nor the citizen kind have so far been willing to find out what he actually supports. For example, parse the following ad he's running in Iowa very closely:

He doesn't want to give illegal aliens a "special" pathway, but the ad doesn't rule out giving them some sort of pathway, and until he says "no pathway under any circumstances" he's still supporting amnesty, no matter what he tries to call it. He even says that "people who are here illegally are going to have to get in line with everyone else", strongly implying that he supports an amnesty.

Please go to his campaign appearances and ask him to clarify whether he supports any form of legalization, regularization, status adjustment, or any other procedure that would allow current, in-country illegal aliens to change their status to legal immigrant or worker. (I think that should cover all the bases, but the eel might yet be able to slip free).


I know what this pig is all about the fact is old mexico Mitt, will help millions and millions of people come here and lower your living standards down to mexican living standards and at some point people will have nothing and be nothing, Mitt wants that for you.

Yes, Mitt wreaks of Bushie elitism. I am willing to bet a good amount that Mitt is as much a traitor as the rest of those rats in DC.