WSJ: open the borders so hurling players can come here

No headline I can create would outdo the actual ones supplied by the Wall Street Journal and/or their crack writer Conor Dougherty:
Hurling in America Has a Problem -- Too Few Irishmen/The Lure of the Old Sod And Immigration Issues Make for a Player Shortage

For five years straight, the Clan Na nGael sports club in Atlanta sent a team to the North American Hurling Championships. That ended a year ago: Try as it did, Clan Na nGael could muster only 12 players, and it takes at least 13 to make a team.

...Hurling -- a centuries-old sport that has elements of field hockey and lacrosse -- has an immigration problem. With the Irish economy booming and the U.S. tightening borders, Irish expatriates are returning home and fewer newcomers are taking their place...
It goes on like that.


Wacko, I don't see your email address anywhere on your site so I'll just leave a note here to let you know about the study revealing the growth of the migrant population in two southern states.

What happened to my comment concerning the federal judiciary? Was it deleted by TLB, or was it surrepetitiously deleted by same?

It magically reappeared again. Thanks, TLB!

This and other illegal stories make me want to HURL!!!!!

Unlike, say, Washington Monthly, I'm not in the habit of deleting comments, and I didn't see the earlier comment until now, so I assume it was a haloscan issue. That said, the earlier comment is a bit... strong.

hmmm, I would have figured the lack of players was the result of global warming. Don't ya need ice to hurl? Ice in Atlanta? Don't they call it hotlanta?

Good god the little people are coming, all Irismen sould go to Mexico and help the drug dealers and bin ladens boys just like the MEXICAN ARE DOING.

Americans can hurl as well as any Irishman! (Insert joke here)

That reads like something from The Onion. Someone could mix stories from both papers and it would be hard to tell which were jokes and which were serious. I guess the WSJ is serious but sometimes I wonder.